The main picture for this website is my car decal. For four years I had this decal in an attempt to get the message out. It was a social experiment to see how believable and acceptable this technology is.

Out of four years with this decal, NO ONE asked me about it. No one reached out to me. It was fun, but now I know that the average Joe is not going to ask questions. Not even my neighbors, friends, or coworkers asked me about it. It made a lot of people very uncomfortable. Now my neighbors avoid making eye contact with me.

But any way…

I’m glad you’re here.

I chose ATX Weather Mods .com for my local town because I know that the best opportunity to see this science is with your own eyes. So I attempted to show the locals. Or did I simply give them the opportunity to see it? It doesn’t matter. Nobody reached out to me.

So if you attempt to promote this in your hometown; expect to look like a crazy NUT. To say this is unbelievable is an understatement. This is more like NOT believable. I’ve been involved in weather modification for thirteen years now (since 2011). My family knows it. They know it’s what I do. They know what my license plate stands for ‘ATXWMOD’. On an arrogant note, they know better than to challenge me.

Here’s a quote that rings true for me. “My conviction is stronger than any pessimism or doubt that’s ever crossed my path.” But ask this. Is it a conviction or a knowing? When you know something; it shows in the way you walk.

Of course in the beginning it was a belief. That was 2019. So I tried it again in 2020 and got the same results. I wanted to post this to yall on my YouTube channel the moment I found it. But I held off for five years of testing because I wanted to make sure that what I bring to you is real.

After five years of ‘consistant and accurately predictable results’, I bring to you a new science. I bring to you a new way to make it rain. In my opinion this is the leading edge of quantum physics. No one has ever done this before. But now, WE are doing this.

I am standing on the shoulders of giants. As you learn and practice this; I hope you can find something that blows me and my discoveries out of the water.

What we have here is the abiliy to make it rain. I’m sure this is just the tip of the ice burg. May you take it to the next level.

I Love You


Orgonite Austin.

Rain Maker
Dowin Gardner Rain Maker