The Technical Aspects Of The Science Of Rain.

On this page, we will discuss

The Scientific Principles.

Principles: a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a

chain of reasoning.

aka: We will talk about things that are known.

Actually, it’s really just one thing we’re going to talk about.

It’s the Hydrogen Bond. Read this scientific definition, then I’ll tell you what it is.

A diagram of the structure of hydrogen bond.

Hydrogen Bonda weak electrostatic attraction between a hydrogen atom in one polar molecule (as of water) and a small electro-negative atom (such as oxygen, nitrogen, or fluorine) is usually another molecule of the same or a different polar substance.

Here’s what it is: It’s when atoms (in molecules) stick together ‘like’ magnets. It’s not a magnetic force. It’s an electrostatic charge (electrostatic: a static charge, not moving).

Note: The hydrogen bond consists of a negative electrostatic charge.

Now let’s talk about the electrostatic charge between water molecules in the sky.

What form of water is found in the sky?

Snow, Mist, Humidity, Clouds, Rain, Ice.

We’re talking about clouds. Actually, we’re talking about the transition from humidity to clouds.

Humidity turns into clouds when the sky is negatively ionized.

So the sky has the potential to be negatively ionized and positively ionized. Before the development of fossile fuels and electricity, the sky was predominantly negatively ionized.

Our modern-day technology is creating a problem. It’s creating positive ionization from our gas (combustion). And we have cell towers that hold a field of positive polarity. Watch the videos below to see what happens when rain storms come into contact with areas that are positively ionized.

I have found the solution to what we call “electrosmog”. When this technology is active, negative ions are pulled down from the ionosphere. Then humidity can turn into clouds.

Also, there are so many negative ions, that the charge overpowers cell towers. Then we get rain.

During the worst drought in Texas history the humidity was insanely high. I thought to myself: “The sky is full of water (humidity). Why is the humidity not turning into clouds? So I did some studies and stumbled upon some information that led me to some ideas, which led to more ideas, which led to experiments, which led to an understanding of how to make it rain. So now we can get two birds stoned with one rock. Rain and Chemtrails.

This technology is beyond unbelievable. It’s actually NOT believable to normal thinkers. Don’t expect anything modern or traditional. What I have discovered shows that there is an element in modern-day science that has not yet been looked at. I believe that the missing link in our science is consciousness. This is exhibited by the Double Slit Experiment and Dr. Emoto’s discoveries in Messages In The Water.

If you’re a fan of the law of attraction, then you cannot deny the possibility that our thoughts and intentions influence this world. If you believe in God, then consider the possibility that ‘thought’ came first. Thought is what created our universe. Thought created 3D.

If you’re an agnostic

this science will not work for you.

3D is the leading edge of creation.

Thought is the originator of 3D.

Consciousness influences 3D.

And here’s our world’s first quantifiable experiment with consciousness influencing Physics. Actually, this is the 3rd. First was the double slit. Second was Dr. Emoto. Third is Orgonite Austin and The Science of Rain.