What is The Science Of Rain?

On this website, you’re not going to get any hype or sales pitches.

This website is NOT for newcomers to the space.

It is not for those who are still looking for the truth.

This is not for those who want to believe.

This website is for those who already know that weather modification is real Yall know it is currently going on, and that it does NOT benefit mankind.

What I offer is what I call GeoRestoration.  It’s a fancy term for getting rid of the ugly stuff in the sky, and restoring weather patterns to normal. 

If there are any newcomers reading this, I will share this bit of info for you. 

If the powers that be, the ones that claim to use cloud seeding, and the government knew how to make it rain, then Texas would not have experienced its 2nd worst drought in history during July, August, & September of 2023.  If the powers that be knew how to make it rain, they would have been able to predict/anticipate rain in Texas sooner than the five-day notice the weatherman gave us for September 2023.

I made an accurate prediction of when it would rain.  My prediction was three months in advance. It was made before the Texas drought of 2023. On July 21st, 2023, I said it would rain on September 15th.  My three-month prediction was off by three days.  I saw it coming three months in advance.  The weatherman saw it five days.

Don’t worry, it is all video-documented.  You can see it all for yourself on this video yet to be uploaded zzzzzzzz 1/7

You can also buy my book on Amazon:  The Science Of Rain:  http://www.thescienceofrain.com/

My YouTube page is: Orgonite Austin


Back to what you’re going to get out of this website? 

You will get the opportunity to find out how to make it rain, and how to stop chemtrails.  Now you have to understand, that what I’m providing here goes fiercely against what the government wants to happen.  They dont know how I’m doing it.  They are not going to find out.  If they are YOU,  ehem.   LOL. 

The tone of this website will be set towards those of us who genuinely want to help mankind and Mother Earth. 

Those with good intentions will get this information.  As I am a psychic, I can feel the energy in people’s righting.  You will pay $100 to get the P.O. Box where you can send me a postcard with your signature on it.  I will sit with the postcard and feel its intent. Those who pass the integrity test will have the opportunity to get the information.

I’ll send you the information from me via snail mail.  You will study, practice, and send me a letter telling me about your experiences. Then we will talk on the phone.  This is not something that can be simply transmitted via text, document, or video.  There is a unique understanding in this world that words cannot convey.  It comes through the tone and sincerity of one’s voice. 

Hold on now.

Didn’t you come here seeking a scientific solution or technological application that teaches how to get rid of chemtrails, or how to make it rain?  And now we are talking about being psychic?…

Yup!  It is my honest opinion that my greatest discoveries have been divinely inspired, or fortuities accidents.  Nikola Tesla discovered the concept for our alternating current when he was walking in the woods.  Micheal Jackson got the lyrics for his songs from what he called his singing tree.  Some people pull ideas out of either, or meditation.  Which is where I get mine.

So browse along through this website.  Enjoy.  And note this one last thing.  Everything below this next line is stuff that was typed out when I was trying to convince people that such science is real.  I gave up on trying to make a pretty presentation of how to stop chemtrails and how to make it rain.  From now on, you’re just going to get the truth from me. And by the way.  I accidentally found out how to make it rain. My original goal was to stop chemtrails. I found out how to stop chemtrails. A perk is the ability to make it rain. 🙂



Dowin Gardner

AKA:  Orgonite Austin

And now for the sales pitch stuff from when I was marketing to the general public in my town.

Fluffy Clouds in Texas

A blue sky with some clouds in the background

When does Austin have fluffy clouds?  What makes fluffy clouds?  How does one identify fluffy clouds? 

Look at the EDGES of the clouds.  Are they sharp like cotton candy?  Or do the EDGES fade into a haze-like dust in the wind? 

A blue sky with some clouds in the background

And is there a SCIENCE to it? 

There was a day before 1903 when the world believed man couldn’t fly.  There was a time when the world thought that weather prediction was preposterous.  And now mankind’s ability to make it rain is here. Can you think of a current idea or concept that seems impossible and unlikely?  

There is a SCIENCE to the weather.  The name of my book is The Science Of Rain, available on Amazon.

But for now, let’s forget history and look at what’s going on. 

When will the fluffy clouds become normal and consistent in Austin Texas?

I don’t know, but I will make a prediction a month and a half in advance.  I understand a fraction of weather modification.  I know how to make fluffy little clouds constant, regular, and a normal occurrence.  When you notice them as normal, come back to this site and get an update. 

Till then, the norm will be hazy clouds, unless there’s a storm system coming through.  When I implement the science I’ve stumbled upon; we have consistent low-level fluffy little clouds, and a blue sky.  I’ve done this once a year, every year since May 2020.  My venture (discovery) in this

My aim is to achieve consistent predictable reliable results.

My first public implementation of this science was in May of 2021. That May was the 2nd wettest month in recorded history.

~Thomas Campbell~

My first successful weather mod experiment was in September 2011.  I implemented an experiment. Then the weather changed. It was not my intention to modify the weather. I stumbled upon it.


A man in brown boots and black shirt posing for the camera.
Me. Dowin Gardner

The Science Of Rain.com

Get The Book on Amazon.

A man with glasses and a beard is standing in front of a black background.

I tried again ten days later, and saw the same observations; thus instilling the idea of correlation; but not causative effects.  I did it again ten days later with twice the effort as the last two attempts. 

This time I was not aiming for some specific results.  This time I just wanted to see if the correlation revealed the same results.  And it did. 

I never found what I was looking for in those experiments.  However, I was open-minded to observe without expectations.  That was September 4th, 14th, & 24th of 2011 It was one of the greatest droughts in Texas history. We had hail on the 27th, in the middle of a drought.

Changing gears.

I sat down in meditation with one question in mind.  “Where does the electron come from?”  In that meditation, I quietly heard a word I’d never heard before ‘dipole’. 

A blue and red circle with two circles on each side of it.
A dipole is a neutral magnetic field that is created when two opposing magnetic fields merge.

I will admit, that I feel I’ve been guided by something far more intelligent than even Dr. Fred Bell (the greatest scientific mind of our time (in my opinion)).  I graduated high school with a %69.5 in special ed.  In college, while studying engineering I made straight A’s.  It was clear to me that I was not a ‘normal’ student.  I have an area of expertise where I excel.  That area is the physics of electromagnetics, electricity, and magnetism; which just happens to be an area of biological health that this world does not yet see as paramount. 

Example:  The way our DNA knows whether to grow a skin cell, hair, nail, bone or eyes is because there is a magnetic attraction between the DNA and proteins (histones) which causes the DNA to coil around the histones. The DNA around the histones is rendered magnetically inert. The chain of DNA traveling to the next wrap of histones is called linker DNA. 

A diagram of the process of human immunodeficiency virus infection.

               The linker DNA is an exposed link of DNA chain leading to the next histone (protein) wrap. The linker DNA’s magnetism is available.  The linker DNA (that has magnetism exposed) is the chromosome that emits the proper magnetic code to develop a particular cell. 

side note: We in science still don’t know the organizational phenomenon that dictates what controls where the histones connect to the DNA. It’s a magnetic sequence. We don’t yet know how it’s organized. (Side note: Where’s the leading edge of science? It’s the stuff we don’t yet know.) When we’re asking questions that science does not yet have the answers for; we’re on the leading edge.

A picture of a man with a quote.

I have read that one form of cancer is an “irregular cellular growth pattern”.  I theorize that this is a result of confused or interrupted magnetism within the human body.  EMF is real.  So is the Saturation Absorption Rate of (SAR) cell phones; which is the rate at which our physical body absorbs the EMF from our cell phone. 

This is just one example of how biology uses magnetism.  Similar to how the pattern of blood vessels is exactly the same pattern as river basins, and root systems of plants. 

A black and white photo of a tree branch.
A map of the united states with many rivers.
A red tree with many branches in the dark.

The growth patterns of this world are called the Fibonacci spiral. (We don’t yet know what causes this, but I have an outlandish idea :-)). 

This website is about The Science of Rain. So why all the talk about the magnetism of biology?

We have to change the way we think about rain. If cloudseeding worked; Texas would not have gone through a drought in 2024.

What is it that turns humidity into clouds?  What’s the difference between humidity and clouds?  Why is it that in September of 2011, during a historic drought, the humidity was at an all-time high, yet we had no clouds and no rain yet it hailed in Austin Texas on the 27th? 

Regarding The Science Of Rain,

we are missing something.

It’s The

Hydrogen Bond.