If you found out how to make it rain,

How would you prove it?

I’ll bet, you can’t.

You could flip a switch or activate a device.

But how could you make me believe what you did made it rain?

It’s not like hitting something with a hammer. We can see that stuff.

But what is it that makes a cloud turn into rain? Or what is it that turns humidity into clouds? What is it that moves water vapor across the continent? What is it that gets water in the sky?

We’re dealing with phenomena that can’t be seen by the eye.

Want proof? What turns a cloud into rain? Or humidity into clouds?

In science, that’s called the CAUSATIVE EFFECT.

Each causative effect is part of a natural chain of events that nature does on its own. Doctors don’t heal. They put the body in a state where it can do what it’s supposed to do.

The science that I work with is simply fixing one broken link in the chain of rain.

Want proof?

You can’t prove it. Nor can I.


What I’m about to share with you sounds crazy, unless you majored in physics.

Here it is.




You may have to have a professor explain it to you. Or you can watch the video below.


This video is a video I recorded as a preamble to a video conference I had with a group of individuals who are currently implementing this science in the United States.

If you’re still with me at this point,

What you’re looking for is



“Evidence or argument establishing or helping to establish a fact or the truth of a statement.” (that’s the definition of proof)


Consistent predictable repeatable results agreed upon via peer review.” (that’s the definition of fact in hardcore science)

Why should results be reproducible?

To establish beyond a reasonable doubt.

I cannot give you proof.

What I can give you is

consistent predictable repeatable results.


That will be in the Observations tab.