This information will be given to a select few individuals who pass a test of integrity. As I am a psychic, I will asses you via the signature you put on a postcard and mail it to me. It will cost $20 dollars for the address. Should you pass the integrity test, you will then pay $100 dollars.

What you get for $100 dollars, is me as your personal coach/teacher. You will get my phone number. This is a membership that does not expire. I WANT to teach this.

However, there’s more to it than a simple ‘do this and you get that’. You need to be able to talk to someone about it. I will be your teacher. I will talk to you as much as you need. I will make sure you understand it.

What’s involved? What do you need? Well, I have a feeling that those of you that are seriouse about estalblishing healthy weather patterns are willing to do more than what’s needed. I say that because it’s actually so simple and easy, that it’s un-believalbe.

My coatching isn’t to teach you the techniques. It’s to get you to beleive it. If you believe me, if you believe in me; then you will have to believe in yourself. My coaching is more of a pep talk, than technical talk. Let me give you a hint.

Have you ever seen the movie Messages In The Water by Dr. Emoto?

Have you ever herd of The Double Slit Experiment?

I know you’ve herd of quantum physics.

I know you’ve herd of rain dances.

What I’m going to teach you is quantum physics.

Trust me, when I first attempted this I asked myself if i’m a crazy nut. If you think using quantum physics to bring rain is nuts, hear this one out. It may grose you out too.

Imagine being the first person on this planet to cut open a dead body, just to find out what’s inside of it. THAT GUY WAS CRAZY! And because of him, we now have the medical industry.

A quote from Einstein: “It’s so crazy it’s probably true.”

My personal opinion about possibility is this: For someone to say something is impossible, says they know EVERYTHING.

The laws of natrue are this: “Mans understanding of how things do and do not work within a given system.” Well folks, we’re not using the traditional system of science, or influence. We’re not working within the given system taught by colledges. We’re using something that has only been done three or four times in our recorded history.

I discovered this in 2020. Since then, I’ve repeated it once a year just to see if it’s real. Also, I’m considering teaching only one person in each town. Because if someone else in your town, then you’re already seeing the results. And if you do it and nothing changes, you may think it doesn’t work.

However, I intend on building a network of us so we can all do it at the same time; and rock this continent.

Now, let me give you some technical details.

The results typically last for six to eight months. Then it must be done again. Which is awesome, because you get to see it more than once. However, It’s coming up on my fourth year in a row of doing this, and it seems that my efforts from the past three implimentations are hanging around much longer than the first three years. It seems as if I’ve re-established the infrastructure. So you might only get to see it three or four times. I’m still learning.

So, go to the sales page and buy the address for your post card.

Pass the itntegrity test. Pay $100 dollars, and we will talk. We will talk as much as you need to. I will be with you untill you are successfull.

I give you my heart.

I give you my word.


Dowin Gardner