How to make it rain.

What if you could go on the internet and find out how to actually make it rain?…

The research you will find out there ( not here ) will tell you that you need a plain to drop “seeds” into clouds.  Please forgive my French, but if that shit worked you wouldn’t be here looking for solutions. 

Let me jab a bit deeper.  “What makes you think you can make a difference?”  Well, you wouldn’t be here unless you believe you CAN make a difference. 

What you’re reading now was typed out by some dude that has a different perspective of physics (and reality) than the norm.  Once you understand the physics of How To Make It Rain, you will be left with the question of How to implement it.

Point blank:  The physics of The Science Of Rain is this:  Make the sky negatively ionized. 

– There you have it.  The physics principles of How To Make It Rain. –

Now…  What about the technical implementation?

AKA:  How do you Make The Sky Negatively Ionized?

We will get to the technology in a moment, or you can scroll down…   But don’t you want to know…

“What turns humidity into clouds?”

We could say it’s negative ionization, but that would be wrong.  Because “rain” is water falling from the sky.  Negative ionization is NOT water falling from the sky.  Negative ionization is what turns humidity into clouds. 

So forget about how to make it rain.  Let’s focus on what builds thunderstorm clouds.  Build the clouds, and it will rain. 

This method entices cloud development.  Unlike cloud seeding.   Cloud seeding coagulates water molecules from a cloud.  Once they condense into rain, the cloud is gone. 

What we do, is MAKE CLOUDS.

Make enough clouds, and we will get THUNDER CLOUDS. Continue, and it will create rain.  Now, just to mess with you.  What do you think turns clouds into the rain?  If it were Earth’s gravity, clouds would be gone when they form.  But.  Gravity is NOT what turns clouds into rain.  The central force of internal gravity of a cloud attraction (of water molecules) causes the coagulation of molecules (from clouds, into) centripetal gravity of clouds combined with gravity is what gets water out of the sky and into rain.

We do in fact get water from the sky.

Or does it come from the ocean?…

Nobody cares what makes the light switch turn on the lights.  We only care that the lights are on.  But, if the rain/lights are off, we can no longer concern ourselves with the switch.  We need to look at physics.  Why is electricity not getting to the bulb?  Why is the sky not naturally negatively ionized? 

At this point, we’re NOT interested in How To Make It Rain. 

We’re concerned with “Why it’s NOT raining.”

Well, that’s simple ( to the “normal” ).  “The Normal Joe” will say:  “Because there’s no water falling from the sky?

But you’re NOT NORMAL.

You understand that rain comes from clouds, that come from humidity interacting with the hydrogen bond prior to evaporation into humidity, prior to evaporation from the ocean. 


The ocean turns into humidity.

The ocean humidity turns into clouds.

Clouds turn into rain.

That’s it. 

The ocean gives us water for rain.

Cloud water coming from the ocean is “evaporation”.  WOW.  How much water do you think needs to evaporate from the ocean to feed rain to a continent?  More than two gallons for sure. 

I’m going to level with you.  By now, you’re fed up with physics, and just want the


Truth is, You don’t need to know WHY rain dances work. 



But you didn’t come here to find out that you (w/o technology) can make it rain.

You came here for SCIENCE.


Dancing until it rains is MUCH cheaper and easier than the implementation of technological devices that make the sky negatively ionized.

This is the part where you say

“This guy is f*cking crazy.”

Rain Dance:  Observation (of elders) became an experience.

The experience brought results.

Legends are made from semi-un-believability.

If you’re here for the possibility.

fucking DANCE.

If you’re here for science,

Dancing is quantum physics.

Technology is modern. 

I don’t need to tell you how to dance for the rain.

I do need to explain the technical aspects of How To Make It Rain.

Here we go…

Your car battery has two terminals with lead caps.  Under the lead cap of the positive (+) terminal is zinc.  Under the lead cap of the negative (-) terminal is copper. 


Why do we use copper to move negatively, and zinc to move positively?

Because the different elements are naturally more efficient in moving different charges.

Zinc is a better material to move positive (+) charge, than copper.

Copper is a better material for moving negative (-) charge than zinc.

Your car battery terminal of + is a zinc pole with lead bonded to it.  Your car battery of (-) is a copper pole with lead bonded to it.  ZINC MOVES POSITIVELY.  COPPER MOVES NEGATIVELY.  Wright this one down…

SO………  To get rain, we need the sky to be negatively ionized.  What if it’s positively charging?  How do we get rid of the positive?  How do we produce negative?  What makes the sky’s ionic polarity positive or negative?  Well, This one threw me for a loop. 

“The presence of one charge

is merely the absence of another.”

SO…  If you are experiencing drought conditions, it’s because there is no “dry vacuum” from a lack of moisture saturation.  (physics.  Hear it out, because the solution is so much easier than an understanding of

WHY YOU’RE DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING/  ($$$ buying copper/zinc pipes $$$).

At this point, I have NOT told you how to make it rain.  BUT, I did hit the difference in metal polarity propensity.  Some metal moves positive charge (zinc).  Some metal moves negative charge ( copper).

If we want rain, we want the sky to be negatively ionized. 

That gives rise to the Hydrogen Bond.

The Hydrogen bond makes water molecules stick together like toothpick nodules. 

Gravity makes water molecules coagulate from molecules into rain drops.

At this point, I have not told you “how to make it rain.”  I’ve only brought to your attention the physics concepts.  (WATER MOVES FROM WET TO DRY, naturally).  Yet we have NOT talked about “dry vacuum.”

Now you should be like


But I’m going to fuk with you first.


Physics and science is insignificant compared to


I did in fact find out how to make it rain.   Should you get this insight,  you will be inclined to prove the weatherman wrong with his prediction. ( which is sooooooooo much fun.  How often do we get to rub in the face a professional, and say “What do you think now?”. 

Look dude, dude,

I found out how to make it rain.

This technology will NOT get into the hands of a pist-off teenager.

Anybody can be where you are

(reading some random website).

What if you could bring more rain than is HEALTHY?

Imagine killing a family.

A family decided to take a vacation next to the river at the time I implemented this experiment.  The river lifted their cabin.  Mom dad & two kids were in a vacation cabin on the Rio-grand (near Austin TX).  They woke up to realize the river was moving their cabin down the river.  The only person to survive was the father. 2010.

At the beginning of your experiments, rebalancing is severe.  (water moves from wet to dry).  The initial (first rainstorm) will consist of really big fat raindrops.  It will be like a dam of water in the sky broke. 

What we do is maintain balance. 

You can bring balance subtly with discrimination of locality/non-locality.

But that’s quantum physics,

which is real,

just like the ability to make it rain. 


And just so you know,

I will NOT give this information to JUST ANYONE.


on a scale of 1 to 1000,

what’s your level of


If you want to be the one to make it rain, to be the one to make it rain, you will get your ass handed to you!

I WILL speak with YOU before you get this information. 

You will speak with me on the phone. 

We will talk.

The ability to make it rain is NOT technological.

It is within the essence of the individual.


un-believability to you,

then you will pay the price of purchasing the materials in order to make it happen via technology.  Which has just as much validity as quantum physics. 

($400 requires a backyard)

“WTF?  Am I on a website that teaches me how to implement quantum physics?”


You’re on a website that is

put together by me. 

I work 45 hours a week, and get high on the weekends.

Walk away now. 

Because information that comes from meditation is


And yes. 

I did discover how to make it rain via


But back to your butt in your seat right now.  You can keep researching, or you can talk to me.

Before I give you enticement of possibilities,


Are you willing to fail a thousand times?

(737) 900-2959

When I first discovered this and tried to share it,

I was met this isolation and hard walls.

Next time you’re in a group of people,

try telling them you know how to make it rain.

AA is the only place I’ve received zero condemnation.  And I’m a regular at AA.

NOW you’re reading some text insight from some dude who has a website and zero credentials.

But if you think about it…

No normal establishment (college) is going to go into discovery beyond acceptance,

like crypto…


Connect some zinc pipes to an electrical ground.

And call me.