Welcome to the Data Overload page. Actually, this page is my first post of ATX Weather Mods. It is un-organized, dense with data, and has no sense of time stamp reference. Everything I want you to know is here, but it’s soo darn un organized, that I decided to build this website because the old webpage (this one) could not convey understanding in a manner that is organized. But it truly is the raw facts, data, and observations. I’m currently working to digest this one page into this entire website.



Written by Dowin Gardner


Thank you for checking out this website. My name is Dowin Gardner. I’ve lived in Austin for 32 years. I’m a nerd! And I found something amazing.

I’ve been interested in Weather Modification since 2010.

There is a science to rain,

how the weather works and why it does what it does.

During the Texas drought of 2011,

the humidity was so thick it felt like we were swimming. I noticed the sky was FULL of water (humidity), but NO rain. So I asked myself: “What is it that turns humidity into clouds?”

Throughout my time in the industry I’ve run into a few questions and phrases that contoured my direction of investigation.


  • What is it that turns humidity into clouds?
  • Water always moves from wet to dry.
  • Science doesn’t prove anything. It only disproves.

But before we nerd out on science, lets talk about why I printed a custom car decal and license plate. Folks, I did this to get yalls attention. We do in fact know how to adjust/modify the weather.

What I want YOU to do is: Contact somebody in another state and have them replicate this weather modification experiment. Preferably in a dry climate.

What I want, I want this information to spread. The challenge is that it’s soo unbelievable, who would believe such a thing. Just like in 1903 when we refused to believe man could fly. Seeing that with our own eyes is easy.

To see the science is tricky!

Example: We cannot SEE what causes a plain to rise into the sky. Some might say it’s the air, and we can see it with a trail of smoke in an aerodynamic lab. Sure we can see the air, but what causes the pain to lift is actually NOT the air; but the pressure between the air and the wings.

On some level one could say “Same thing.” and the application of the info would work. But on some levels, we have to get nitty gritty granular with understanding and questioning.

Other Examples of Concept Exploration are:

  • The light bulb comes on because we flip the switch. Or does it come on because of the activity generated by the electricity?
  • Does a parachute work because of the material it’s made of, or because of gravity?
  • Is the opposite of light: dark, or the absence of light?
  • Is outer space empty, or is it full of light? And if it is full of light, why is it dark?
  • Why does water naturally move from wet to dry?
  • Why in a water molecule do the atoms retain a magnetic attribute? How does the magnetism of water molecules influence it’s activity/propensity to expel entropy/energy?

So we can see there’s a different way of looking at things. The difference is: One in search of


Instead of moving forward with current technology, I go backwards towards the principles that give rise to our technology.

Now we can begin to Nerd out on science.

  1. What is it that turns humidity into clouds?
  2. Water always moves from wet to dry.
  3. Science doesn’t prove anything. It only disproves.

Lets look only at #3 for now. Science doesn’t prove anything. It only disproves. This is difficult to explain. Einstein said: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Here’s my attempt to explain it simply to you. And note that I’m explaining the philosophy or way of thinking I use in science.

“Try to prove it wrong. If you can’t, what are we left to think?”

In regards to weather mods, I began to get consistent and predictable results.

I was confident that my most recent experiments would result in something… out of the ordinary. So I built this website, ordered my license plates and car decal a month in advance. Every day on Facebook I would tweet about the ‘upcoming weather mod experiments’ March 17th 2021 was the first mention of this experiment.


But I promoted like I did know. I was terrified for three months, about looking like a fool to everyone I know. But it turned out that the weather has accommodated my well promoted anticipation.

Ok, that’s the most recent update. July 21 2020. As this page has turned into a log of weather. I’m not sure how to organize it. Below is an older post when I was in total technical mode.

So dig into it. Thank you for checking this out. And please find someone in another state that needs rain. Get them in touch with me.

Much love to yall.


Dowin Gardner

Lets start with the facts. 

Fact: There have been zero high-pressure systems stationary over Texas since July 15th of 2020. 

Fact: From August 2020 to December of 2020 we had fluffy little clouds with blue skies. Then January 2021 through April 2021 we had hazy clouds with edges that slowly fade into a grey sky.

Observation or fact?

Fluffy Clouds
Hazy Clouds

April of 2021, we had predominantly hazy clouds.

In May of 2021, we’ve had predominantly fluffy clouds.

A daily log of the skies can be viewed on my FB page. https://www.facebook.com/dowin.gardner

Please notice the only thing you’ve seen thus far in this website is data.

The definition of “fact” in the scientific field is: “consistent and predictable results agreed upon via peer review.” Imagine cooking an egg with heat. If one does ‘this’ then one gets ‘that’. This is obvious when we can see the “causative effects” of the situation of cooking eggs: heat.

But what’s causing all of the fluffy clouds?

And why did it all of the sudden begin in MAY of 2021?

We cannot observe the causative effect known as the hydrogen bond. All we have is observation with our eyes and data of weather phenomenon’s.

But what if someone predicted the unpredictable?

March 17th 2021 is when I said: May 2021, we are expected to have beautiful fluffy clouds.

1st Face Book post revealing an upcoming experiment.

Of course a single post on FB about anticipating fluffy clouds in a month and a half is a long shot, but I posted this insight every day for a month, anticipating noticeable weather changes in May (a month and a half away from the date of this posting.)

But what if I had a long video explaining the anticipation of such an event?… That video is below.

I will also be posting daily pictures on my FB page: www.facebook.com/dowin.gardner

This next video is on the data of September 2011 4th, 14th, and 24th. This was the driest time of a Texas drought, and we had HAIL.

Nobody knows what “caused the hail”, technically/legally. Well, actually, the weatherman knows why hail happens. He knows what conditions must exist in order for hail to happen. But can he explain why it happened in the middle of one of the most severe droughts in Texas? And why all the phenomenons happened on days where the date ended with a 4?

For me to tell you that’s the results of my weather experiments… Well, what would one think if I said such a thing?

But what if I can make a an unbelievable prediction?

This science is so unbelievable that the general public will have to see repeatable predictable results time and time again before it is accepted by the masses.

The following video is one such prediction.

So why am I Dowin Gardner sharing this with you? Why am I driving around town with a ridiculousness sticker on my car? Why would anyone make a statement like: “We can influence the weather?” And why did I write a book titled The Science Of Rain?

Have you ever wanted to give something to this world?

That’s why I’m doing this.

I guess what I want out of it is for this science and technology to travel the world to remedy drought climates.

My name is Dowin Gardner. We know how to influence the weather. Please get this info to places that need rain. Feel free to contact me for details. However, the truest and deepest honesty will require “Three cups of Tea”.


Dowin Gardner

Update May 21st 2021. The weather man says the following scenario has NEVER HAPPENED.

This science named Orgonomy was discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. His book is titled: The Orgone Accumulator Handbook.

Also study Trevor James Constable at www.RainEngioneering.com.

My next favorite scientist is Trevor James Constable with Radionics. He works in quantum physics.

My other website for selling EMF protection devices is www.OrgoniteForSale.com

Please note that this science is beyond modern day. It is NOT accepted by the accredited scientific communities, or acknowledged by colleges. It truly is beyond our time. Then again, so was man taking flight at one time.


Dowin Gardner